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    Why cant you click on the dashboard stats to drill down???

    Ralph Dickinson

      Does anyone else think it's bizarre that when confronted with a dashboard like the email performance one I've attached, you cant click anything to drill down??


      If you look at my screenshot, I'd love to see who those 18 leads who clicked my email are. It seems really illogical that I cant just click that graph to see who they are!





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          Alex Stanton

          Hi Ralph,


          In order to see who clicked, you can Create a Smart List and add a filter "Clicked Link in Email. Select your email from the picklist and the names of the people who clicked on your email will appear on the leads tab.

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            Dan Stevens

            This is a much needed capability for all of Marketo's basic reports/dashboards.  This is basic functionality of many of the marketing platforms that we've used in the past.  While I realize you can create a smart list to analyze whatever data you want based on specific attributes, it's yet another extra step someone must do in order to quickly report on their marketing activities.  For example, we want our global marketers to be able to view their real-time reports within their Marketo programs (we have over 1,300 programs in our instance).  Our marketers aren't experts in Marketo - but they do know how to create a pre-defined report (e.g,, "email performance report").  So often, we hear "how can I view the data behind each of these numbers?" - even more so with a visual dashboard that's used here as an example.  A member of our Marketo Ops team must now custom-build a smart list for each type of report (clicked, bounced, who clicked on each link, etc.).


            Some may argue that this level of analysis is too tactical - and that we should be more concerned about moving leads through our lead lifecycle and achieving "success" in our programs.  But some marketers still want that micro-level analysis for every campaign that is executed (especially when they're marketing to existing customers/accounts).


            I know Marketo is supposedly enhancing its analytics/reporting capabilities.  I really hope this is on the roadmap to allow all of our marketers to be more efficient when using Marketo.