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    Scoring range and Urgency and relative score

      Could someone explain, please what is the best scoring range to use in scoring campaigns and how that affects the way the urgency and relative score are assigned? We use the range of -50 to 50 and use the dynamic (default) scoring settings at our firm, at what point would the lead achieve 1, 2 or 3 stars? Ie.: Would the lead achieve the first star at some point below zero or would the lead have to cross the zero mark to start getting the stars assigned? I'm completely baffled.

      Appreciate your help Community!
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          Hey Mirek,
          When the Relative Score and Relative Urgency are set to Dynamic in Admin ---> Sales Insight, it is not a static value that the leads have to reach to achieve a certain number of stars or flames.

          It is relative to the score and urgency of the other leads in the database. By default, to have three stars a lead must be in the 98.5 percentile or higher to have 3 stars. So, if there were 1,000 leads in your database, the 150 leads with the highest scores would have 3 stars. 

          The same logic applies to Relative Urgency.

          For a lead to have any stars at all, they must have a score of at least 1. For a lead to have any flames at all, they must have an urgency of at least 2.

          If you would like to change this behavior, you can do so in Admin ---> Sales Insight. You can change the scoring method from Dynamic to Static so that leads above a certain static score will have a certain number of stars. You can also adjust the percentiles that qualify for 1,2, and 3 stars/flames.