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Durable Unsubscribe - Keep them Unsubscribed

Question asked by e0a23c8e8736fcefcf3b2ce864cb78a0ac6995c2 on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by Josh Hill

We have recently transitioned from having multiple email opt out flags to relying solely on one. 

We are using Salesforce and have created a validation rule on the Email Opt Out field so that if the field is TRUE then it can not be set to FALSE from our users.  It was during this transition that we noticed the issue around Durable Unsubscribe.  When a user updated a Contact/Lead's email address we were getting a Salesforce Sync Error because Marketo was flipping their Unsubscribe from TRUE to FALSE and Salesforce was not allowing this.


We need the Durable Unsubscribe feature to not change the unsubscribe field from a Lead that is flagged with unsubscribe regardless of their email changing or not.


Does anyone have a solution around this issue?