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Email Program Membership and Opened Email Smart Lists

Question asked by Caryl Mostacho Expert on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2014 by 44742

     I'm new to the new Email Program type and I just had a question about membership and Smart Lists!

     Question 1: 

     How does the Email program determine who is a member? 

     Is membership based on who is sent the email? or who opens the email? 

     It shows on the dashboard for example -

     Sent Emails 8381
     Delivered 8298

     But then my Members of the program are:  8391?

     I have 10 more then were sent? 

     Question 2 -

     I did a Whole Email A/B test on this email program and if I wanted to send a follow up email to the people that did not open, I notice my individual emails that I tested won't be found in the drop down ... it only has the option of My Email Program.Whole Email Tests.

     My Question is - does this include all the people that did not open both my emails whether during the testing period and also if they received the winning email? 

     Any help would be greatly appreciated!