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    Email Program Membership and Opened Email Smart Lists

    Caryl Mostacho

           I'm new to the new Email Program type and I just had a question about membership and Smart Lists!

           Question 1: 

           How does the Email program determine who is a member? 

           Is membership based on who is sent the email? or who opens the email? 

           It shows on the dashboard for example -

           Sent Emails 8381
           Delivered 8298

           But then my Members of the program are:  8391?

           I have 10 more then were sent? 

           Question 2 -

           I did a Whole Email A/B test on this email program and if I wanted to send a follow up email to the people that did not open, I notice my individual emails that I tested won't be found in the drop down ... it only has the option of My Email Program.Whole Email Tests.

           My Question is - does this include all the people that did not open both my emails whether during the testing period and also if they received the winning email? 

           Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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          Hi Caryl,

          The email program determines leads with email address as campaign members, so anyone you selected to be in your program  smart list. Is it possible 10 people are missing an email address or blocked from receiving emails (opted out, email invalid).

          What do you mean by individual emails? You can create a smart campaign in the program and use filters like, "did not receive email" or "did not open email" and "member of program = true" to help find the leads to send your follow up email to. But I might be misunderstanding you.

          I just looked in my email program and I see only one email as well for the A/B test, even though two were technically sent. It's ProgramName - EmailName.SubjectLineTest

          Hope this helped some!
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            Caryl Mostacho

                 Hi Jackie!


                 Thanks for helping me!

                 So for question two...

                 So let say I have Program 1 and I have two emails Email 1 and Email 2 
                 I ran an A/B test to send these emails 

                 This is the first time I'm using the A/B test function of the Email Program. 

                 So now I want to send a follow up email to all the people I sent both email 1 and email 2 
                 It used to be I could just pull a smart list that says 

                 Member of Program is Program 1
                 Not Opened Email  is Email 1 and Email 2 

                 But for some reason Email 1 and Email 2 don't come up as options? The only email option I get is Program 1.Whole Email Test -- I guess because I did an A/B test on these emails.

                 I just want to make sure that I'm pulling only the people that are a) members of this program and b) did not open my two emails I sent. 

                 Does that make sense? 

                 So am I to understand that the email: Program 1.Whole Email Test  - is really my two emails combined 
                 And that once I put emails into and A/B test I can no longer reference the individual email from the test? 

                 So say I just wanted to follow up on the people that got the losing email ... I won't be able to pull that list of people?

                 Oh wow .. i hope that the above wasn't too confusing! 


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              Actually, I totally understood it all! No worries.

              I had the same issue you're having and didn't understand how to pull info like that from the Email Send program, and was going to tell you there's no hope, but Marketo is waaay smarter than that. :) 

              I just played around with the smart list again. When you pull the "was sent email" filter, you have an option to "add constraint." So choose your email from the program with this filter, then click "add constraint" and select "test variant." From there you can select which test variant, Subject A or Subject B. (I'm not sure which variant you tested, but for me it was the subject line).

              Here's a few screen shots:

              Then you'll see which leads were send Subject A during the test and Subject B during the test (by selecting Subject B under the test variant).

              Hope that solves it!
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                Caryl Mostacho



                     Thank you so much for your help!  


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                  Not a problem. Happy to help!

                  Good luck!