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    Does Unbounce Associate Web Activity Back to Lead?

    Jeff Coveney

      Recently, Unbounce announced new integration with Marketo that allows data to feed directly from Unbounce into Marketo. Sounds pretty good but anyone have any experience with it?

      New Feature: Marketo Integration | Unbounce Community


      My specific question revolves around the association of the lead to Marketo upon form completion....


      When someone fills out an Unbounce form/page that maps to Marketo fields using new process, will the visitor be cookied so activity for previous and new web visits are tracked?




      • Ken visits 5 pages before filling out Unbounce form
      • Ken fills out Unbounce form
      • Ken visits another 10 pages.


      I understand that all data is passed to Marketo from Unbounce but are all of Ken's visits tracked back to Ken? If one was using a Marketo page and form, all of the pre/post activity would be associated to Ken. If not, other ideas?

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          Sanford Whiteman

          First of all, Unbounce would have to be using Munchkin in order to relay activities on their site (Visit Web Page and Click Link) to Marketo.  They'd then have to use an associateLead call (which could be done using the REST API or Munchkin itself) to associate the recorded activities with a newly created or updated Marketo lead.


          Based on their documentation so far, I doubt they're doing these things. I presume you could try the demo and report back.

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            Elliott Lowe

            If munchkin is on the LP on which the Unbounce form is located, the page visits will be tracked.  Depending on the method they are using for creating the lead, you can associate the lead with the activity as Sanford mentioned.


            if you need to specify a Marketo list to add the lead, they may just be using the SOAP or ReST API to create the lead, which is not the best way to do this since the Fill Out Form trigger / filters won't work.


            If their form submission creates a Fill Out Form activity in the lead's Activity Log, they are likely using server-side form post.  If so, then their form would need to have the following hidden fields to associate web activity with the Marketo lead record.

            • munchkinId - the Marketo instance Id in the format xxx-xxx-xxx
            • _mkt_trk - Munchkin on the LP where the form is located will add this value
            • formid - the ID from the embed code of any Marketo form, which doesn't need to have the same fields as the Unbounce form.
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