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    Create a list of customer domains

    Abdallah Al-Hakim

      I am looking for ways to update a smart list (or static list) with customer's emails domains. Currently, I do this manually every quarter by uploading the domains to a smart list. Does anyone have an automated way of doing this?

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          Dan Stevens

          We do this as well.  Use-case: we have 7 "customer segments" within are targeted account list.  In order to identify which leads/companies are part of the appropriate customer segment, we have 7 smart lists aligned to each customer segment.  It's much more reliable to use email domains (using the format "@company.com") rather than actual company name (since there are so many variations/misspellings of company names).  That being said, we either copy/paste the updated list into the smart list.  While not automated per se, it's not too difficult at all.  Not sure how much simpler this can get.