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    Landing page mobile does not show up


      So I created a landing page that is responsive. Pasted my custom code in Marketo and everything worked great except when it asked me to activate the mobile tab. Once I activated, the content briefly showed then it disappeared. Even my preview link shows the landing page being responsive but goes blank when the browser goes really narrow.




      Please help and thank you in advance.

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          Pierce Ujjainwalla

          Hi Richard,


          If you code your page to be responsive you do not need to enable Marketo's mobile functionality. That is really just a workaround for people who don't know how to code proper responsive Marketo landing pages. It also causes you to need to duplicate all the work you do in the editor.


          We find most of the time if people enable Marketo's mobile functionality it will actually break your existing landing page.


          Hope that helps. Feel free to follow and DM me for more help.