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How to populate a custom field, Lead Score Exceeds 99

Question asked by 4111889947d69a666176a442e921cd37590ba178 on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2014 by 4111889947d69a666176a442e921cd37590ba178
We created a custom field called "Score Exceeds 99", a date field. Our goal is to have Marketo populate this field with the date the lead's Lead Score first exceeds 99...then sync this date field to Syncing to SFDC is not the problem...the problem is I'm not sure how to get this field populated with the date the score first goes over 99, if that's even possible! I also don't want this field overwritten everytime the score changes while it's above 100...I only want it to populate a date the first time it exceeds 99. Does that make sense? Anyone else do something similar? Any tips on how to get this idea to work? Thank you ahead of time!