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    List import - it says tht 0 fields are ignored, however, all the field names say "ignored"

      I am importing a list into Marketo.  i have the following fields in my list: First name; last name; email; job title; company; country; group; phone.


      When i upload the CSV list, the next message on the screen says that "0 fields are ignored", however all the field names in the Marketo field name column say: "Ignored" see picture.


      I have been going in and manually finding the appropriate field and changing the Marketo field to that one.


      a) should i just click "import" without making the changes first?

      b) why is this happening?

      c) what is the best practice for this?




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          Maarten Westdorp

          Hi Peri,


          This screen is to align the column names in your CSV with field names in Marketo. It's is difficult to see but it might be that your CSV is in the wrong format or it isn't being processed correctly. Normally if your column name matches the Marketo field name it will automatically suggest the correct field. Therefore I believe your column for company should match up to company, which is the default value for Marketo's company field.


          So you might want to take a close look at the CSV or share the file with dummy record here. If everything looks ok, then you should match the column names to the field names before hitting import.

          As for imports, a couple of my best practices on making this easier.


          Create a template of your list column names from Marketo

          In Marketo this can be as easy as creating a smart list with one record. Then in the leads tab create a view that holds all the fields that you need.

          Then export that list, take out your dummy record and hand that file over for the vendor or colleague to populate.  Then when they return it, all the field names should automatically match up to the column names.


          Add import aliases

          If you can't influence the list creation by creating a template for the list then you can add aliases so Marketo will automatically pick up the fields on list import. This can be done in the Admin section > Field Management. Then simply select the field you want on the right hand side.



          I hope this helps you with your list import.

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