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Wondering why Marketo isn't recognising your WebEx webinars? Perhaps you have the wrong WebEx subscription (see last comment)

Question asked by 679efe5b7c9b00ef96ed88a00cddc16cd52d8c5b on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by 679efe5b7c9b00ef96ed88a00cddc16cd52d8c5b

Hi all,


Any advice as to why Marketo is giving me this error message: 'Account has no webinars scheduled', when I have definitely scheduled one (it was scheduled 30 minutes ago now, which should be adequate time for Marketo to pick it up)?


I had problems this morning integrating WebEx with Marketo (it was the first time that this integration was set up) due to a problem with the 'site name'.  That appears to have been resolved as the integration exists but I thought I should mention this in case the problems were somehow related.


Looking forward to hearing some genius solutions,