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Tracking URLs on Wordpress pages using a global form

Question asked by 6589fdbec4609eb78e607679700b0e9659a6ad4e on Aug 10, 2015
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We are in the process moving to using Wordpress as our CMS. We are going to use a single global embedded Marketo form on each page of our Wordpress site. My goal is to be able to capture the specific URL of the page the person is when they fill out the form using a hidden field on the form called "Lead Source Details". I don't currently use UTM fields on those pages.


Here is a quick snapshot of how I would like this to go.

  • One Marketo form embedded on multiple Wodpress pages
  • John Doe fills out the form on  --> His lead source details value is ""
  • Jane Smith fill out that same embedded form on us  --> Her lead source details value is " us"


I have created the embedded form and know how to embed it into my Wordpress page.


Here is where I need help: If I don't have any UTMs set up on my pages and I just want to pull the full page URL (or page name if that's possible), what value do I type into the field "URL Parameter"?



Thank you so much! I have been reading all over the place and can't seem to figure this out on my own.