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Are there any practices on how to deal with group email adresses in Marketo syncing with SFDC?

Question asked by Tomoe Morimoto on Aug 9, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by Tomoe Morimoto

We are planning to sync Marketo with Salesforce for one of our clients.


The issue is our customer has alot of leads in SFDC that are registered in group addresses.

they are registered something like below.






Since Marketo recognizes a single email adress as 1 lead so if Lead B fills out a form in Marketo it will turn into as a activity from

Lead A who has filled out a form before Lead B. If I don`t block the name the name will  change to Lead B.


Our customer wants to recognize the leads with the same email addresses as different and sync them to sfdc.

how is that possible? I guessing it is not possible in marketo....


is there a way to change the rule of automatic merging upon fill put form and list uploads?

If I can change the default merging setting somthing like, lead last name,lead first name,emailadress is same merge and if it`s not the same create a new lead....


what would be the best practice to solve this issue?