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    Banner Ad--add anyone who clicks to a group list to view their activity after clicking

      My goal is to use marketo to create a list of everyone who clicked on our banner ad in order to view their behavior on our site after clicking. I currently have set this up so that the banner ad is on a marketo landing page, and then displayed on the hosting site using an iframe. I created a trigger campaign that activates when someone "visits web page" , with the web page defined as the landing page.


      This smart campaign worked perfectly when I tested this solution internally by sharing the link to the landing page and having some click on the banner ad, and others close without clicking.


      However, now that the ad is live on the host site with the iframe, I am seeing WAY too many people being added to this group list for this to be working properly.


      1. any ideas on why this campaign is falsely registering viewing the banner on the homepage as the same thing as clicking on the banner?

      2. any better ideas on how to do this?