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    Purposeful Duplicates and Lead Creation

    Hussam AlMukthar



      We use Partitions/Workspaces in our instance, because we have purposefully duplicated leads. We separate those partitions according to Record Type IDs from SFDC. All records are assigned to the Default partition as well for operational purposes.


      I ran into a problem with lead creation using forms: When a form is filled, a lead gets created in the Default partition (of course because no SFDC Record Type ID available yet). To solve that, I passed the perspective Record Type ID as a hidden field in the form. That threw the lead into the right partition. BUT.. If a lead already exists in another partition with the same email address, Marketo will change the Record Type ID to the new one and move them through partitions! Huge problem for us!


      Am I missing I missing something here or is it a usual expectation? Anyone ran into something similar?


      I appreciate the help.




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          Josh Hill

          Ah, so it is working properly except that you do not want to overwrite the existing Record Type ID.


          I would recommend a couple of options:

          • Field Block Record Type ID so that it cannot be overwritten. This should be done anyway to avoid massive problems.
          • Consider using Ed Unthank's waterfall campaigns to take in new leads and then handle the proper field stamping and routing to the new partition. Just do a search for him or go to Etumos for the examples. I suppose a wait step could help too, but his solution is more elegant.
          • Filling in Record Type ID on the form is ok as long as you expect certain kinds of people to fill in that form, but it sounds like that's often NOT the case, so go with a different system and don't assume Record Type ID.
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