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    Sales Insight Interesting Moments (MS Dynamics CRM)

    Shannon Kelly

      We are new to Marketo and just getting started.


      We are planning to create an Interesting Moment each time someone downloads a trial version of our software. 


      Is it possible to search and filter these Interesting Moments across CRM? Can I perform a search on ALL Interesting Moments regarding trial versions that happened in the last month?


      (I understand how these searches can be done easily in Marketo, but want to know the capabilities or limitations of Sales Insight in CRM.)



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          Tim Langlois

          Yes but maybe in a different way then you're asking. The point of Interesting Moments is to let sales reps see how people are engaging with marketing rather than activity reporting in CRM (any CRM...)


          That said there are a lot ways you report on trial downloaders.  If you're capturing new leads via the trial using a Marketo form, what you could do is make a custom field in CRM called "Downloaded Trial" or "Downloaded Trial - Software A". Then when a lead fills out your Marketo trial form, that box will be checked in Marketo and updated in CRM on the lead entity.


          I'd check with your CRM admin if you can run a report when a field was updated and then you can run a lead report on Downloaded Trial within last 30 days.


          Otherwise I'd suggest doing this report in Marketo.


          The key thing is you'll need a way for Marketo to know that someone downloaded the trial. So this could be by

          • Having a custom field in CRM like "Member of Trial" that is mapped into Marketo.
          • Or if you're using a Marketo form you could put them in to a program as a member
          • Or simply add them to a static list after the fill out the trial form and do a report on when they were added to the list

          Then whatever criteria you have you can make a smart campaign that uses that field or program info and makes an Interesting Moment .



          And to get your report of trial Interesting Moments, you'd make a Smart List based on the Description you used in the Interesting Moment campaign from above:


          I'd play around with it and see what works best.

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