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    Help needed re: durable unsubscribe.

    Beth Rotach

      Hi Denver/Boulder MUGs-


      We are having a helluva time with "durable unsubscribes" as we're trying to import our lists. We're growing in Marketo and are uploading more leads, but during our first test upload there were issues around the durable unsubscribe piece. We uploaded a new lead -never in Marketo before- and his lead status got changed to unsubscribed (he hasn't, and still wants to get our emails). We checked with support and they said that he was a "durable unsubscribe." That somehow he was in there as a lead before, unsubscribed and deleted. We have a complete history of this lead and he has never been uploaded into Marketo. We're baffled, and honestly now worried that there are others and have stopped our upload.


      1. Support told us that durable unsubscribe applies to ALL Marketo instances. Does this mean that if I were a lead for one instance and unsubbed, that I could then be affected by another company using Marketo as a durable unsub? (that's scary)

      2. What do others do to make sure that they are accounting for and managing durable unsubs?

      3. What if someone unsubscribes, then re-subscribes?  Won't the durable unsubscribe keep unsubbing them?


      THANK YOU!!


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          Marisa Rybar

          I'd like to follow the responses to this conversation. Your question number 1 above sounds like the very reason we left Hubspot. If someone hard bounced from another company that was using Hubspot, then Hubspot wouldn't deliver emails to them from us either, even if they requested information from us.


          I heard someone say something about re-subscribers, but I can't remember the answer. I only came on to Marketo a few months ago, so it's been a lot of new information, and I haven't retained 100% of it. I'd love to know the answer to this though.


          Beth, have you posted this in the general discussion forums yet? If so, will you send me a link? I'd love to follow it.