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    MSI on Account and Opportunity Objects

    Iryna Zhuravel

      We are currently using MSI only on lead and contact objects in SFDC, but according to documentation it seems to be possible to add it to Account and Opportunity as well. MSI was installed in our SFDC about 5 years ago, and no changes to how it works were introduced ever since, perhaps at that time MSI wasn't available on Opp and Account objects, or the company didn't find it necessary to add it to those objects. However, now I would really like to use MSI to it's full potential, so I wonder how does MSI work on Account and Opp exactly? does it show activity of all the contacts in an account and an opp? and what about stars and flames would they still appear in MSI on those objects? Moreover, to add MSI to an object layout according to documentation one has to add the following fields below to the MSI layout, but we have those fields only on lead and contact objects, so how would I add them to Opp and Account(I actually tried to add MSI to account layout on our sandbox to see how it would work and that's where I got stuck)?


      Relative Score Value

      Urgency Value

      Last Interesting Moment Date

      Last Interesting Moment Desc

      Last Interesting Moment Source

      Last Interesting Moment Type

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          Emily Dick

          Hi Iryna, this option has been available for many years but since it takes up a lot of real estate of those objects some orgs don't implement MSI on Accounts and/or Opps. The view works like a roll up, in the Account you can see all the Interesting Moments for the Contacts and in the Opportunity you will see all the Interesting Moments for Contacts that have been added to that Opportunity.


          It's fairly easy to add to your Account or Opp layout, you add a new 1-column section and choose the Visualforce component. The example in the documentation is for leads so you wouldn't be adding the fields you mentioned above to the layout.


          Let me know if you still get stuck in Sandbox.

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