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Custom Subscription center - how to pre-populate fields when leads want to update information

Question asked by Gerard van den Akker on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by Mike Reynolds

We're working on a pretty basic subscription center, where people can sign up for newsletters, events and other types of information. For new leads registering we're fine. However, what is the best way to offer people the option to UPDATE their preferences (could be types of communication or maybe their email address / name). As a customer / lead I would then expect a link at the bottom of the email stating 'update preferences' (next to a plain unsubscribe). Here comes the tricky part:


When clicking the update preferences link I would expect the same information to show up that I entered during my initial sign up process. I don't want to rely on cookies though for that to work (the fields being filled out automatically). People may be on the different computer or mobile device now. Can I use the token MKT_TOK somehow to retrieve the information to populate my form fields? Other suggestions to update preferences in a user-convenient manner?