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Nutures - Adding New Content, Translations and how to pause untranslated content?

Question asked by Colin Ryder Expert on Aug 4, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by Josh Hill

Hi guys


We run global nurtures based on dynamic content fairly successfully (until now....)


We generally launch our Nurtures to our English speaking countries and then put other languages on pause until they are ready. Once the local versions become available we change their status to a Member, and then they are eligible to receive the content in their own language = Happy (local) Marketing Managers.


We've now come across an issue where I need your help/input


We now want to add new content to our nurtures which is originally produced in English. Once this is approved and ready, we are unable to simply activate the new content because our other language area's would also receive the content in English.


What we really want to do is just activate the new content for English speaking countries only, but at the moment have no way of pausing the other languages for just the new content. If we choose to pause "Germany" for example, then all the other streams with existing content in German would also be paused.


We tried to add a rule to the smart list of the smart campaign that houses the actual email to exclude say "Germany" for example but this step (#2 screenshot 1 below) seems to be ignored by Marketo (I presume because of the way Nurtures work).


Screenshot 1 - Smart List of Program within Nurture

Screenshot 2 - Flow Step of Program within Nurture



Has anyone else managed to do this or could provide another possible solution? - the only other option we have right now would be to wait until the content is available in all languages but this takes another few weeks with testing.