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Problem of a not found ID used for updating MObjects

Question asked by a3e8dd2974d7d639dea937a27a8fcb3894b7b310 on Jul 14, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2015 by a3e8dd2974d7d639dea937a27a8fcb3894b7b310
Hi all,

I'm coding integration with SOAP APIs.
When updating data into Opportunity with a record whose ID coule not be found, I think the server send me a result with an error message "not found" and a null id. (ID being null, -1, 0, or the specified invalid value would all make sense.)
But in the SOAP API, the id property is required in result. So I could not get the exact result message but an exception of deserializing XML string.

I think it is better to make the id property being allowed to be null or empty, or to set a valid number with special meaning to the id property of result.
Could you please show me whom could I send this issue to? And how long it would cost for me to get the support?