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Including Munchkin.js does not creating an anonymous lead

Question asked by dc16258deb33f16e2065e965be454106e9ef5ee7 on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2015 by dc16258deb33f16e2065e965be454106e9ef5ee7

Hi Marketo,


On my website, I have included Munchkin.js inclusion code and it creates a new cookie correctly. However, it does NOT create an anonymous lead in Marketo.


While I'm hitting the page with no cookie, I'm checking the lead database.


Just to make it sure, I have created one smart list that only shows an anonymous lead and it's not creating a lead.


I'm also checking all leads in case it's created as a known lead and it's not there either.


In every case, _mkto_trk cookie is set correctly.


Can you give me any advice on this?