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Please Help! Removed all new leads from flow

Question asked by 49729 on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2014 by 13157
We had all of our new leads go into a smart campaign that then sends a series of emails based on days since the lead was created. The days are different for each email so the wait steps are not the same for all emails. 

We found that some of the leads were converted in the campaign and create a remove from flow campaign for converted leads. In doing this, we removed everyone from the campaign. 

Is there a way to reverse what we just did? I do not want to add them all back into the campaign because they would then get the same emails again.

Has anyone had this happen and come up with a way to put the leads back into the campaign where they were? Or put them into a campaign to check and see if they received an email, if so, move to the next step.