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Marketo Report Capability

Question asked by 72b3f682843e0eea5972f8714e1aa3851a48fa3a on Jul 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2015 by 429a3b00c04df8e5ab80b97b236aaa7a14e3374e

I'm looking to see if there is way in Marketo to show the number of daily web form fills. For example, if I'm driving form fills for a particular campaign and the campaign is supposed to run for a period of time, I would like to see a report that shows how many form fills came in by a given day to do a trend analysis. Similar to what we have for email, where we can look at open rates by day and time to gauge performance.

Is there a system date or some type of a date field in Marketo that can show me the date the form was filled out and got into the program as a lead?

I spoke to support and they believe there isn't which makes me wonder. How come Marketo does not have such an option for reporting. There has to be some sort of a work around. Hoping to get some new inputs


Thank you!