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Gmail Marketo Plug-in help needed!

Question asked by 7c5a9a9a433714ad763f95df134978967ce369f5 on Jul 29, 2015

Hey guys,


New-ish Marketo user here. We just migrated to Marketo at my company. We're trying to get everyone up and running on sales insights and the lovely Chrome extension Marketo plug-in. It's proven to be almost impossible for those of us that also have a personal Gmail account. Support has sent me a 15-20 step checklist in order to get it running. We do that and it works sometimes, other times it doesn't. When it does work, usually by the next day it's not.


Does anyone have experience with this? I'm starting to get the feeling it just won't work if someone has 2 Gmail accounts. Most of my company is ready to write Marketo off after how painful of a process this has been. Any insight you have is much appreciated!