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    SFDC Program Sync Question

      I am running a webinar and would like to sync the webinar program to a SFDC campaign. However, I don't want to automatically send new leads to SFDC - i just want to sync the leads that are exisiting in SFDC already. We are only pushing leads to SFDC that are validated. 

      Is there a way to do this? Or do leads need to automatically be sent over in order to sync programs and campaigns. 

      Thanks for your help!
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          Matt Stone
          Don't use the sync with SFDC campaign function in the program's setup.

          What I do is I have a smart list called "SFDC Active" -- only people who are in SFDC and not deleted are included in the list. Then when people register for the webinar, there's a flow step that adds leads to an SFDC campaign, but I use the constraint that they have to belong to my SFDC Active smart list, otherwise it skips and does nothing.
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            Alex Stanton
            To expand on what Matt said, instead of uisng the sync at a program level, use flows steps in the individual campaigns. 

            I generally prefer not to sync all recipients but only those who clicked or otherwise converted. 

            If you want to sync only the leads that already exist in SFDC, you can use a constraint in the flow step Add to SFDC Campaign and leave the Default Choice blank.