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    Leads Submitting via Mobile Landing Pages

      Just really posting this to see if anyone else has seen this...


      Recently we have seen a few leads come in that are bypassing the required fields form our forms. I have already talked with Marketo Customer Support about it, but I wanted to see if anyone else has seen this.


      The leads in question have all come in via a mobile browser in the Android operating system, but only 4.X.X versions.


      In talking with support, they said that since the forms rely on JS, that some users can bypass the required fields, and I get that and understand it. I tried to replicate the issue, using Android 5.0 - I wasn't able to submit the form without the required fields. I turned off JS on my mobile device and was not able to submit the lead on the form at all, just wouldn't take the submitted information (verified when I looked for a new lead in Marekto with that email address).


      We tried to submit the forms on Apple devices without the required fields, and they wouldn't accept the submission.


      I think it's tied to the version of Android that the user is using, since we can tell that but not the browser.


      Anyone else seen leads that bypass the required fields, and when you dug deeper you have seen that the user agent on the form submission says "Android 4.1 or 4.3"?


      * I do know and understand that the prospect can often skip the required fields when there is no JS enable on their desktop or are incognito, but I think that the issue lies with older versions of Android.