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Post a Marketo form to a Salesforce custom object?

Question asked by db65d97039dfcfe9646867c1a7dbbda50d2dc140 on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2015 by 5862616eb49257b4c0a09873649ba1d94d3cda7f

Is it possible at all to capture a Marketo survey-type form, and post that to a custom object in Salesforce, rather than just fields in a lead record?


I'm looking for different options to capture prospect responses to sales qualification questions.


Simply adding the 4 questions as fields in the lead record is not enough, because we want to be able to track different questions, different responses over time, and do reporting.


One way I can imagine doing it is via a SurveyMonkey type integration with Salesforce, and logging the responses to a Salesforce custom object that looks-up to the lead/contact record by email.


But a survey form could also be done in Marketo.


Note: Our reps would in all probability complete the form based on telephone responses.


I'm open to other suggetsions.