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    Multiple Emails within Program in an Engagement Stream

      I am adding a live webinar event to an engagement stream.  I want to send a second email out in the same stream a week after the initial email goes out as a "Last Chance to Register" option for those who received the previous email but did not fill out the registration form.  Is there a way to do this without having to clone the entire program?

      I created email #1 and a flow #1 to send that email.  I dragged the entire program over to the stream and chose the corresponding smart campaign.  Then within that same program, I created email #2 and also flow #2 so send the second email.  When I drag the entire program over to the same program and choose the second smart campaign, it reads "cannot add duplicate content" even though the smart campaigns are sending separate emails. 

      Any other ideas out there for this example?