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Need HTML/landing page template help

Question asked by c8829a3067d4eeff7d519e465225806880025c4d on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by Justin Cooperman

Hi all,


Was wondering if a web person could help me out on a landing page template


I've worked with a design agency to produce a template for a landing page. I notice when I drag/drop Marketo items into the main body, the items go THROUGH my menu when scrolling instead of "behind" (they should stop as the reach the top menu frame). When I hard code into the template, things scroll correctly, but I want to be able to use either tokens/Marketo editable areas.


Has anyone ever run into this? If so, where did you have to make the fix? I don't need the exact solution, as I can ask my agency if needed. The one thing I am unsure of is if it is a Marketo thing I can over ride since Marketo always adds it's own div IDs with each editable area.


See page here: