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    Problems A/B Testing in a Smart Campaign

      Can someone please help? I'm new to using Marketo and we set up two of our emails (both within separate smart campaigns) to have A/B subject line testing. We set the distribution to 20%/80% but only one subject line was sent. This happened for both smart campaigns.


      These are the test results I see on my dashboard:


      A-B Subject Line Test.JPG

      Here is what my campaign set up looks like (there are triggers set up in the flow, which aren't shown here):

      Accelerator Campaign.JPG


      Here is what I see when I set up an A/B test in my smart campaign email:

      Accelerator SL Test.JPG

      I'm not sure why there is a "Champion" already defined on this screen, but it's defaulting to the subject line that I used when I created the email. Should "Champion" be left blank and I define two Challengers?


      Thank you for any help you can provide!