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Wait Step in Engagement Program Transition Rules

Question asked by f0df60ac28ef35fe2dd97bc7566f6e605044c8d0 on Jul 23, 2015
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I am hoping someone can help answer a question for an engagement program involving wait step in stream transition rules. Two of the streams will be as follows:


Stream 1: Innovation *All leads will start in this stream

Stream 2: FollowUp-IT


Cadence of Stream 1 will be once a week, every Tuesday.


Leads will be transitioned from Stream 1 to Stream 2 if they click a link in an email in Stream 1, and their job function is IT


If we add a wait step of 2 days to the transition rules for Stream 2, will the leads remain in Stream 1 until the 2 days have passed?


My concern is if someone clicks a link in an email on Monday, they will receive the next email in Stream 1 during the next cast the very next day on Tuesday.


The goal is to stop sending emails in Stream 1 if someone clicks, wait 2 days and then send a series of follow up emails in Stream 2.