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    Can you have landing pages that *don't* track?

    James Glavin

      Hi there,


      We have a couple of use cases where we want to have a landing page with form, that doesn't track visitors to that page. In both cases it is because the person filling in the form will be submitting someone else's information. (One use case is a referral form, the second is an event RSVP form that our sales team will use to reply on behalf of contacts who RSVP via email or offline). What I'm trying to avoid happening is someone filling in the form and Marketo mistakenly making a link between that person's browser and the submitted contact. This will lead to incorrect tracking/scoring etc of that contact.


      I'm thinking that if we just remove the Marketo tracking munchkin from the landing page and the thank you page, that this should do the trick. But has anyone got any experience of doing this, who can confirm this works?


      (A workaround we've tried is using a browser's incognito mode when submitting these forms, but often our sales team would forget, so I'm trying to eliminate the possibility of error!)