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    Delay Nuture Program for Nine to Ten Months

    Chris Morris

      We have a product which requires a reminder sent to our client, approximately 9.5 to 10 months after their initial project is completed. I'd like to set up a program in Marketo to auto-generate this information to clients as a three step 'nurture' campaign, as we'll be sending a total of two to three messages to these clients.


      The easiest way I can see to do this is to first have the specific clients added to a Smart Campaign with a flow step that looks like this:


      a: 'wait step' with a time frame of 9.5 months

      b: 'add to list step' which will then add members of the smart program to the smart list 'send message now'


      The membership for the nurture campaign which will ultimately send the messaging will be fed by members of the 'send message now' smart list.


      Will this work? Is there an easier/better way to accomplish this task?