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Why isn't my Program recognizing the list I uploaded?

Question asked by 77138e3fd879c300f246078b3a6c5d014010bf75 on Jul 18, 2015
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Hello, we uploaded a list to the lead database. We are trying to use this list as a static list - a one-time communication. We built an email program where the smart list looks directly to that static list we built. However, the sample communication isn't drawing the data we uploaded with that list. Yes, we built unique fields in the field management section. Yes, we are using the tokens that match those unique fields (i.e.   {{lead.Takeout Company Name:default=Takeout Agency}})


However, what we have noticed is that when we did a sample email for some contacts in the list we have the Smart List of our program pointing to, it is not drawing the appropriate data... actually, it simply doesn't see the data even though it exists in the list and the individual's profile. So we investigated further and realized that the lead was listed multiple times (3 or more times) in our database -- all under the same mail.


To by pass this we uploaded the static list into the Members portion of the program and made the smart list at the program level read "If Member of  -said program- then send -said email-). Refreshed and tested one of our concerning leads in a sample email and it was still pulling data from one of the lead's other entries (duplicates).


We even tried adding more to our smart list logic such as creation date, etc. but it keeps pulling the wrong lead (same name but different data - in our case no data).


How do we use the static list and all of the data so our communication uses the data from those contacts -- even if those contacts already exist in our lead database? How do we overcome the duplicates?