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New Email Editor :(

Question asked by Colin Ryder Expert on Jul 20, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2015 by Dan Stevens.

Playing with the new email editor and there are a few good things but also some stuff that needs to be improved.


  1. It was better to be able to see html vs text side-by-side (so you can see if something has been copied or not). This is useful for me because I have a lot of people who forget to do this and also sometimes the alignment doesn't come across very well.
  2. Find and Replace - can this not also be added into the code view?
  3. Font / Font Size selection - There used to be a "None" feature which was very helpful if for example you wanted to change back to your templates default size. You could just choose "Font size" and it would pick up the default template specified size.
    Also, for example we use a 13px font (which is not an option in the drop down list ) so now if out users change the font size, we cannot fix this without going into the code and changing it manually.

  4. Half the icons are missing until you click more. I use the code view a lot because our users who are not html savvy ***** up the code. Yes, we have told them on numerous occasions to paste content as plain text but not everyone follows the rules.
  5. Links - the advanced tab where you can see style etc has gone away. This was useful if you wanted to add in a color for the link quickly. Now you have to select the text and highlight it AFTER you make the link. Plus you get un-necessary code - i.e Span Tags.

    Example:- Creating a link
    Gives you this below (we don't use default microsoft blue)

    Now we have to highlight the text and change the font colour, resulting in this un-necessary text. It isn't killing the email but it's not needed and now takes me twice as long.

Anyone else have some comments to add - good or bad?




ps - I have reverted to the old version in the Admin section under email but hope these points (and hopefully others from the community) can help improve the editor. It's good to have a more modern view but some of the functionality needs to be tweaked.