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Call for presenters - do you have an interesting custom integration with Marketo

Question asked by 60408d147ae16a876b2c96de6d865b3be3ca4ce8 on Jul 17, 2015

Hello everyone.


One of the topics we would like to address in an upcoming San Mateo user group meeting is the different and interesting ways you can integrate with Marketo.   We have the web service APIs, munchkin API, and webhooks as our main mechanisms.


We know that there are some of you who have created some awesome custom integrations with Marketo.   We would love to be able to showcase those in an upcoming meeting.


We know that our members love to see and learn about the creative ways that Marketo is used.   Become an instant rock star in our community and offer to present your story.


Please reply here or directly to if you have a cool integration you would consider presenting.


Best regards,