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    Web Page Activity Report Questions

      I am setting up a daily Web Page Activity report, and have some questions....


      Any help would be much appreciated!


      1. The report gives you columns for "First Visit Time" and "Last Visit Time".  Is it possible to add a column for "Site Visit Duration" based on the first and last visit times?  It'd be more helpful to see a calculated column of how long the person was on the site. 
      2. Can we group this report by Company Name or Location? It'd be nice to see all of the visitor information for a given company and site location grouped together without having to create new reports for each sales territory.
      3. What does it mean if the "HTTP Referer" column is blank?
      4. I've set up email subscriptions for this report to be sent daily.  What time will be report be sent?  I want this to be in inboxes first thing in the morning.


      Thank you!


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          Hi Lisa

          Unfortunately, I also did not find any option in Marketo to achieve these scenario.

          1. I am generating site duration in excel sheet using column difference. Initially, Bit manual process but it is working for us. Later I created a Java program to modify the excel file with new column for site duration. I have scheduled this report, lands to my outlook, then java program copies to desktop and modify the records and then send email to outlook. This is really lengthy process. I will suggest to update excel manually.

          2.Grouping also, I am achieving through excel file.

          3. HTTP referrer, shows the URL from where user has come to click link. If it is blank, user would have come to link directly (directly hitting the URL, instead come to a page , click on link)

          4. Subscription time you can not control. It is Marketo defined and send the email very early morning. Somewhere around 12-2 AM, this is what I have experienced.

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            Sanford Whiteman

            Lisa, the time difference between the First Visit and Last Visit wouldn't accurately be called the "Site Visit Duration."  Depending on the range of your report, the First Visit could be months before the Last.  That doesn't mean they were "on the site" for 45 days, at least not in the usual sense.


            What you're probably looking for is properly described as "the total duration of the longest continuous sequence of web page activities" -- "continuous" in turn meaning "less than nnn minutes apart."


            You could use some JavaScript logic to store that value on a custom field on the lead.  You'd need a qualified front-end developer.

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                Sanford Whiteman

                BTW if you're going to implement this, I'd recommend using the Interesting Moment pattern as we do elsewhere in Marketo.


                In other words, when a Site Visit Duration is > 60s, that may constitute an IM, and if it goes over 2 minutes, that may be the next IM.  But intermediate durations like 28s, 34s, 48s on the site aren't interesting in themselves.  Ignore these unimportant milestones: it'll make your reporting more concise and also increase the performance of your Mkto instance (because you won't be continuously updating lead data).