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    Engagement Program: Best Practice for adding leads

    Ande Kempf

      To preface this post - I have not used an engagement program, yet - our company is new to Marketo. So any feedback will be very much appreciated! (I have read quite a few posts and watch a few engagement university courses.)


      I have a "Product Intro" nurture campaign set up (3 emails total). I would like to make this campaign into an engagement program and add leads through two different ways (for now):

      1. Forms: content downloads

      2. Email lists we receive from webinars or tradeshows, etc.


      What is the best practice for having this set up for both lead sources?


      Should I have two different "product intro" engagement programs set up - one for form fills and one for tradeshows/lists?


      And if I am adding the tradeshow/webinar lists to the engagement program what is the best practice for adding them into the campaign?


      We also are wanting to track the clicks in the email and sync this information to SF.  For example, we include infographic downloads in the email and if the user clicks on the link to download the infographic we will add to the leads activity "infographic download".


      Thank you!

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          Joe Reitz

          Hey Ande,


          We automate new additions to our streams with triggered campaigns. You can certainly go the route of setting up a smart campaign with a smart list that goes "fills out form," is "(whatever/any/etc.)." Here's how we do it for a basic contact form submission... but another best practice is to use a master templated form in design studio for all your content downloads... then you could simply say "filled out form > is > [master content form name]."


          First, we created a subfolder & program for all these smart campaigns to live in.



          Next, we define the form we're talking about (could be "any," depending on how wide a net you're trying to cast). For our engagement programs, we try to use additional form fields to determine which stream makes sense for them. In this case, we only want to catch people who check a box that says they're interested in requesting a new system or more info, AND they include the word "access" in the comments box. This tells us that our content on Access Control may be apropos.




          Here's the flow. The interesting moment is for SalesInsight (can't remember if you said you guys have that), so any sales people looking at this lead in SFDC will see this text and know that we're still nurturing them. Next, just make sure you set the acquisition program and the lead source to whatever makes sense in your system.




          If you want to add from a static list into the stream, that's extremely simple to do. Obviously, first you'll need to create a static list and import leads (again, be sure to set the acquisition program or you'll drive yourself crazy when you get to reporting). Next, go to the leads tab, select all, then go to lead actions > programs > add to engagement stream. Then you're done


          Screenshot 2015-07-17 14.15.32.png


          #mykrewe FTW!

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