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    checking against negative list

    Hank Hansen

      We allow multiple records for leads for business reasons I won't get into. Changing this righ tnow is not an option. This means a lead can convert under one record while they could possibly have other records that indicate they have not converted.


      I'd like to put converted leads in a smart list - easily done. Next, I would like any lead campaigns to check the email addresses in the smart list and remove leads from the campaign if their email address appears in the smart list.


      Is this possible?

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          Hi Hank

          As you have already created a smart list for converted leads. If I understood correctly, now you want to remove these leads from campaign. In this campaign you can check if leads are member of this smart list you remove step to delete.


          Also if you can provide me some example, I can help you with some workaround.

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            Hank Hansen

            Not quite correct. A single person can have multiple lead records in our instance. These different lead records can be populated with different values for different types of accounts and different lead statuses.


            I need the ability check the email address in the smartlist that is used as the negative list. If a lead in a campaign has an email address that matches an email address in the smart list, then I want to remove them from the campaign.