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How do I check to see if a cookie is present to specific Marketo ID?

Question asked by 69f40f30f4f0632a10c1cae422ca5249ce5f6797 on Jul 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2015 by Kenny Elkington

I am embedding a form onto an external website, and there is a button to a form within a modal dialogue to download a PDF. However, if the user is known, and already has '_mkto_trk' cookie (for a particular client), I want to bypass the form and go straight to the PDF. So far I have this, but to no avail! Also, surely the visitor could have the cookie from another marketo user, so unsure of how to grab the ID.


  $('.dl-btn').click(function(event) {

  if (jQuery.cookie('_mkto_trk')) {

      window.location = URL

    } else {


Any help is much appreciated!