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    A/B Testing Question

      I scheduled an email to go out this morning and activated A/B testing and had Marketo automatically declare the winner.  The testing has finished and declared a winner, but it does not appear the winning email went to the remaining 90% of my contacts.  How do I make this happen?  I thought Marketo automatically sent the winning email test to the remaining contacts...

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          Jace Garside


          Let's take a look at the easier options first.  There is an option on the A/B Test setup where you select whether the winner will be declared automatically or manually. 

          If Automatic was selected, the schedule step will allow you to set a time for the winner be sent to the remaining 90%:

          If Manual was selected, only the report/notification can be scheduled:


          So, verify whether it's one of these two things; either the A/B Test was setup as manual and you will need to go into the program and send the winning email to the remaining audience, or the date set to send the winning email is for a later date.  That's you're starting point.  I hope that helps!



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              Thanks Jace!  As it turns out, Marketo did send the remaining emails but when I went to the dashboard to see the stats of the winning email, the drop down list only showed the test email campaign and "None" as another option.  I had to select the "None" option which is sort of weird because "None" implies there would be nothing there.  I wish Marketo would change the change the drop down menu option from "None" to something more descriptive.

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                Suzanne Scanlan

                The "Winner Criteria" option is no longer available in our Marketo instance.  How do you set the details of the Criteria, specifically to have Marketo automatically select and send the winner, in the current (August 2015) version?

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                    Jace Garside

                    That's very interesting, Suzanne.  I would like to see a screenshot of what you see when you set up an A/B test.


                    If your creation steps look like this showing steps 3 and 4,

                    I'd say your browser is having some rendering issues and Step 2's Winning Criteria is simply not displaying.


                    But if the steps don't skip and show 1-3 while skipping the Winning Criteria,

                    it may be the service level or Marketo package that was purchased.