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    Form Validation

    Vik Kailash

      Hi ,


      I am looking to see if anyone has experience in "form Validation" just by leads First name, last name & company name info being available.


      We have a contact First name, last name & company name and are using a third party messaging system which does not give us access to their email address. They then land on a landing page & if they fill the form we then capture their email address.


      Solution i am looking for is..


      I am trying to bar anyone outside my list were i do not have their "First name, last name & company name" to not be able to fill the form, as we noticed few registrants who were not part of our selected list filled the form ( most likely link forwarding ).


      Can anyone who has experience in this "Form validation" process suggest the process here?.


      Thank you,

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          Hi Vikas, are you using Marketo forms as your form?  If so, you can make those 3 fields required and users will not be able to submit the form if that information is missing.

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            Sanford Whiteman

            Vikas, if I'm understanding your description correctly, you have a redacted, purchased mailing list (lacking email addresses) against which you want to match form fillouts. I'm assuming everyone on the list is a Marketo lead.


            First, the only way a form fillout is going to be matched with a lead based on FN/LN/Company is if you talk to Marketo support about changing the primary key in your Marketo instance from Email to the composite FN/LN/Company.   This is not something you can do on your own.


            Second, you're assuming people are going to enter their FN/LN/Company exactly as it already appears in your lead database.  This, I can guarantee, is not going to happen.  It may happen in many or even most cases, but far from all.  Therefore you'd need to pair this approach with a data cleansing service such as those offered by RingLead.   Being unable to use the email address as part of deduping is kind of ridiculous, but you may still get positive results.


            Third, and to your direct question, you cannot stop someone from filling out the form if someone forwards them the link.  The form is going to look the same for them as for the original recipient and doing real-time fuzzy matching before form submit isn't feasible (unless you happen to have a very capable developer).  That's actually not a big deal in itself, as you can let the person submit the form and just delete the lead from your db immediately if the back-end match detection (including RingLead or similar webhook) doesn't come up positive.


            I should also add that the way the list provider is handling this send is well nigh insane.  A professional operation would, at the very least, tag each link with a locally unique identifier that would become a hidden field in your form, and which you could in turn use to find leads in your db, with no mistakes.