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    Trying to create a segment for SFDC leads - need some clarity around converted Leads


      I'm trying to create a segment for marketable (SFDC) Leads. We generally convert all our in-market leads into contacts right away and attach them to the correct account (we deal with the Finance industry so we have access to all our possible customer account data through the regulatory bodies!) but some people use a personal account and we can't verify which account they below to. We'd like to market to these leads a bit more and see if we can more accurately determine where they should live in SFDC. So that's the into.


      I have a Marketo segment for Leads created with a smart list but there's no way to specify that I only want SFDC leads that have not already been converted. Does converting a lead into a Contact in SFDC get handled by Marketo automatically (ie. recognizes that this lead was converted and now directs to the contact instead)? I just want to ensure that I'm not emailing the same people multiple times (since I may use a separate smart campaign to send to our leads vs. contacts - otherwise I could be sure that only a single email would go to any given email address regardless of lead/contact).


      I did run a report in SFDC on non-converted leads vs my Marketo segment and the numbers are reasonably close (I rarely get the same numbers in both systems for similar reports) so I believe I may be safe but want to check to be sure.


      Hope that makes sense. Any help would be appreciated.