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GoToWebinar (Citrix) issues with Marketo API - Be warned!

Discussion created by Axel Baran on Jul 13, 2015
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Hello community


If you are experiencing issues with your GoToWebinar integration such as number of leads in GoToWebinar not being the same as the one you see your Marketo program, Marketo support just confirmed to me that there is an issue from the Citrix side and the API. Unfortunately i don't any more details.


Here is the message i received from Marketo Support:

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We have finally managed to reach CITRIX Product Management / Integration teams over the weekend / late on Friday and they have informed us that there have been some corner circumstances where some attendees aren’t being reported via the APIs. CITRIX have already fixed part of the issue and are doing lower-level changes in the code that will make further improvements. That later effort is a significant amount of work and will be completed by Q4. CITRIX apologise for the trouble that this has caused, and are committed to resolving it and further improvements and new APIs in Q4/Q1. If you would like to create additional pressure on this it would be an idea to open a ticket with CITRIX directly as the issue does not reside with the Marketo integration.

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