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    Engagement Program Best Structure

      I am about to embark on building an "Always On" Engagement Program for a B2C brand. We are looking to build content in 3 layers (Awareness, Consideration, Conversion). The model however, needs to cater to multiple streams of brand specific content. Our client splits their brand communication messages into Community A, B and C. So, we need to produce content for Community A through the engagement funnel (relevant content at each layer - Awareness, Consideration and Conversion). Then do the same for Community B and C. The overall content theme must stay consistent to the Community they come in on, and should not overlap i.e. if someone comes into the engagement program through Community A , they should not get messaging at any stage of the funnel about Community B or C.


      However, there is a possibility that a lead could come in on Community A activity, then in the future also come in on Community B activity. It won't happen much, but could happen.


      Also, the model needs to be able to scale in the future as they add and remove their communities and hero marketing campaigns.


      I am interested to know thoughts on the best way to build an engagement program to achieve what I need to and ensure I can scale it in the future. My thoughts are to use multiple engagement programs based on Community and build in this way rather than all as one.


      If this is the right answer, I guess I could use a simple smartlist of everyone involved in these engagement programs  and not allow them into another engagement program if they are in this list - but any other ideas, I'm really interested to hear.





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          Josh Hill



          If you do a search you will find several related threads. I'd recommend:


          • Traffic Cop (routing program) to sit at the top and choose where to place the lead. It will only put the lead in 1 engagement at a time. If you want, you can have it listen for field changes and push someone to a different Brand.
          • Brand A
          • Brand B
          • Brand C


          Each Brand has 3 or 4 streams to conform to your AIDA model (pretty common actually) and you will drop in content as appropriate.


          You should setup a new Engagemetn Channel to conform to this model of statues:

          • Member
          • Clicked
          • Engaged (?? filled out at least 1 form)
          • Moved to Other Brand (if you switched before Goal)
          • Reached Goal (whatever it is)
          • Bad Exit - did something bad
          • Unsubscribed - unsubbed from THIS Engagement.
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