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    Engagement Programs and Nurture Streams

    Jeff Smith

      Does anyone have a document or tutorial on Engagement Programs or best practices for setting up nurture streams (I'm finding articles harder to find in the new Community)? Specifically, I'd like to set up an engagement program (or maybe just traffic cop-type campaign) where individuals with certain actions or product interests get distributed content that matches their persona. If they change interests, they then change streams. What's the best way to set this up, and what are the pros and cons to trying to manage this through a trigger with flow steps?




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          Hey Jeff,

          Great question.  Using the engagement programs does have some limitations when it comes to timing of emails, but that there are some work-arounds that allow you to have a hybrid of traffic-cop style campaigns and still enjoy the benefits of engagement program reporting.


          Use the 'Engagement Program Cadence' field within a traffic-cop campaign (trigger or re-occurring batch) to dictate when contacts can get sent emails.  Create a Pause campaign that changes the cadence field to 'Paused' after an email is sent. When the cadence is set to 'Paused', the contacts will not receive casted emails in the engagement streams.


          Then setup a  Re-Start campaign - re-occurring batch or trigger depending on your needs - to change the cadence back to 'Normal' when you want the contact to receive another email.  In the example below, we indicate we want contacts to receive another email after 15 days have passed. With the cadence back to normal, contacts will be sent an email on the stream's next cast.



          As far as content is concerned, you can utilize the transition rules within the engagement program to move contacts from stream to stream as their interests change.  Base those transition triggers on a data change of the 'Interest' field.


          I hope this provides some help - I haven't seen any official documentation on this type of application yet.  Another thing to note is that we typically have our stream cadences set to daily (minus the weekends) to ensure contacts get an email within a business day after qualifying for our re-start campaign.  I'm happy to provide additional clarification if needed, as well.  Happy marketing!

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