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Using an email script token in the subject line

Question asked by Phillip Wild on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by Phillip Wild

Tricky one here. I've used an email token to spit out a variable in an email program. But in Apple Mail and Outlook 2014 there are weird spaces inserted before and after the token. See below.


Email Script Issue.jpg

The token is £100 GBP. The random spaces are definitely not part of the code.


Weird things I found out:


* When I simply put the plain text of "£100 GBP" as the output of the email script, the weird spaces remain. So it's nothing to do with my code.

* When I use a Plain Text token instead of an Email Script token (effectively making the token static), it works fine.


This might be something purely in Apple Mail and Outlook (it looks fine in, interestingly enough), but in any case I can't risk it. I had to use an alternative subject line instead of something dynamic.


Has anyone encountered this before? I've asked Support but basically since it's to do with email rendering they have said they can't help me.