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    No Content in Email Problem/Glitch

    Raheel Rashid

      Hi Marketing Nation Community!


      I've been creating and sending emails using Marketo for a couple of years now. I've come across a unique problem where somebody received an email but there wasn't any content in the email. I ran the email through litmus and it looked fine in all email clients. Has anybody ever had a problem like this before?



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          Hi Raheel,


          How strange! I've seen content being stripped from emails a number of times before, and it usually comes down to one of a few things:


          1) Corporate level Spam Filters/Mail Servers stripping or blocking content from displaying

          2) Coding issues that a particular email browser isn't able to render correctly

          3) Lead not meeting dynamic content requirements - so no content displays

          4) Gmail using conversation view to consolidate content within an email that's been received before


          Was the address that received the email lacking content an internal or external address? Was it a corporate or freemail address? Was their dynamic content within the email?


          Hope that helps

          - Josh.