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    What is the Social Influence Report and How do I use it?

    Amanda Meuwissen

      This was never covered in our training, and I didn't even know it existed until now, but my supervisor asked about the Social Influence report, which is currently blank. We've been using Marketo since February 2014. I have no idea how this is supported to work, what it is exactly (he seems to think it would be some way to track our social pages like we track activity on our website, but I'm wondering if it's meant to be just for social sharing from campaigns?) but since it's not working, we don't know, and I literally cannot find anything on it anywhere on this site other than a thread from 2013 that was never answered.


      Can someone please point me to some answers on this? I don't know if it's just that the new community setup is awful and I can never find anything now, or if this is really some glaring thing that's missing.