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    Technology - Weighing the Benefits

      Just weighed in on an interesting topic over on LinkedIn - Is there a point where technology hinders marketing?

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          Good question. Technology should enable marketers to achieve their goals. Have you encountered an issue where you have used the wrong technology. My advice is always to keep it simple starting out. Even with Marketo, which can do many things. I learned Marketo a year ago and for the first 6 months, I just set up very simple campaigns. Now, I am looking at integrating Cloudwords, for example: Translation Management Solution integrated with Marketo – Marketo LaunchPoint 


          My advice:

          • Spend a few months learning Marketo
          • Pick a few technologies to integrate it with
          • Test and learn as you go along


          By the way, a big an emerging field (Job opportunities) is for Marketing Technologists. Most Marketers are not as strong as all of you in analytics and in technology, so their departments usually hire a MacGyver who is a jack of all (technology) trades and understands technology -- and can work with others in the department to leverage technology to reach their marketing goals.


          (Hey, maybe my next blog post will be about MacGyver)